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    10 Things Kids Think About Technology

    I'm constantly amazed by the human ability of adaptation. A perfect example of this is how quickly children are able to learn the technology in their surroundings. I have two children ages nine and five. They both are already familiar with iPhones, iPads, laptops, gaming, etc... My seven year old son is already better versed in iPhone and remote control navigation than my wife (sorry Honey, it's true). I didn't give him much tutorial or have him read instruction manuals, he just seems to naturally know what to do. Part of this is the fact that devices are becoming much more intuitive, but evolution must be playing a role in this advancement. Here are some examples of things kids think about technology (my kids anyway):

    1. Everything they need to know they can learn on YouTube (good or bad).
    2. The layout of keyboards make no sense to them. 
    3. Everything with a screen should be navigable with their fingers, clean or dirty.
    4. They should be able to be pause any show no matter what or where they're watching. 
    5. Siri is really not that smart. 
    6. They think cars can understand whatever they say or ask it to do. 
    7. They never think to grab a book for an answer, just Google it.  
    8. If they want to hear a song, it should be instantly availalbe to them. They never used a tape cassette or CD. 
    9. If they want to see how they look they ask for the phone to reverse the camera, they don't go to the the mirror. 
    10. They think evertyone is on Facetime and when handed the phone, they don't know why they don't see Grandma. 

    Looking back, I guess I did know more about technology than my parents. I was the only one who could stop the VCR from blinking and knew just the right amount of breath pressure necessary to clean a 8-bit NES cartridge. I'm not sure how much more technology can really advance, but I imagine that one day my kids will say "Remember when we used to have to type what we were thinking?" Kids will decide the future of technology. It's their thoughts now about what they need technology to do for them that will guide where we are headed with advancement.  

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